Comic History of England

Comic History of England 3

Bill Nye's Comic History of England -- FREE TRIAL, Try Before...

Bill Nye's Comic History of England -- FREE TRIAL, Try Before you Buy - A humorous presentation of England's history from the invasion of Caesar to the wedding of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn.

Mr. Nye completed eighteen chapters before succumbing to a fatal illness. The readers of this volume will share our regret that the preface cannot be written by Mr.

Nye, who would have introduced his volume with a characteristically appropriate and humorous foreword in perfect harmony with the succeeding narrative.

We need only say that this work is in the author's best vein, and willprove not only amusing, but instructive as well; for the events,successions, dates, etc.

, are correct, and the trend of actual facts isadhered to. Of course, these facts are "embellished," as Mr. Nye wouldsay, by his fancy, and the leading historical characters are made toplay in fantastic _rôles_.

Underneath all, however, a shrewd knowledgeof human nature is betrayed, which unmasks motives and reveals the trueinwardness of men and events with a humorous fidelity.

The unfortunate illness to which Mr. Nye finally succumbed prevented the completion of his history beyond the marriage of Henry VIII. to Anne Boleyn.

Comic History of England


Comic History of England 3

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